Safer streets. Cleaner air. 


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Our mission is to advocate for improved mobility, equitable access, and reduced car dependence in communities everywhere.


Sustainable Transportation

We champion shared-use bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters as a way to reduce pollution and improve overall mobility.

Less Car Dependence

We elevate sustainable transportation through better policy and safer street design in order to reduce our dependence on cars.

Safer Streets

We prioritize the adoption of policies that allow environmentally-friendly transportation services to expand safely and equitably.


The way we move is changing.
Let’s build solutions that evolve with the times.

As sustainable transportation options such as shared-use bikes, e-bikes, and e-scooters grow in popularity and use across the country, we have a unique opportunity to fundamentally change how we get around our cities.

The Streets for All Coalition believes it is our responsibility to use this moment to address some of the most pressing issues we face: climate change, traffic safety, congestion, lack of equitable access to zero-emission transportation, and the need to solve the last-mile transportation problem.


Our Principles


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  • Support access to sustainable modes.

  • Adopt safety policies informed by Vision Zero principles.

  • Ensure equitable access.

  • Protect pedestrian right-of-way.

  • Require broad public outreach and quality customer service.

  • Share anonymized data.

  • Ensure fair and equal enforcement measures.


Meet the founding members of our coalition. 


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Streets for All is a coalition of alternative transportation advocates, environmental organizations, and sustainable shared-mobility providers.

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